Hello! This is my creative task for Hyper Island,
opening in Singapore 2013.


Have you ever got yourself thinking about the future? Try to envision the next "big thing" that will change the world (again). Try to imagine 10 years ahead when digital is everywhere, and a world where mobiles are no longer 3G or 4G, but they are 15G!

How will digital technology change things like education, transportation, politics, fashion etc.? What would be a service or product people would use? Visualize and present an idea or solution that is driven by digital technology.

Seriously? In 2030...

Billfold+ — your future smart digital wallet in the cloud. Everything in one.


The virtual world will become even more a part of our physical world, that's for sure. Digital technology is creeping into everyday objects like running shoes, cars and refrigerators, turning them into devices that monitor our behavior and communicate intelligently with each other.

In the future, there will definitely be a new way to pay for stuff. We've seen a great deal of success with PayPal — 79% more people use Paypal in 2011. Why? Simply because we can pay anyone, anywhere just with an email or mobile number. It's fast and simple.

No one likes the "barriers" that we currently face to transact both online or in-store; dread of typing credit card numbers and verification codes, confusing checkout forms, multiple accounts for multiple stores, or forgetting to bring your wallet while you're out or you do not have enough cash and there is no ATM nearby. Or maybe you see that the cashier queue is slowly building up...

In the future, everyone globally will be an Internet user. In this large and rapidly growing target group, the future of money will be digital, virtual, and universal.



Digital is everywhere. Making payments will be easy in-store and online. When you pay in-store, you could simply just tap and pay with Billfold+; your digital wallet, or with your mobile and or with your login details and fingerprint to access your digital wallet that is stored securely in the cloud. No more long waiting queues at the checkout or lost receipts... everything is digital.

When you shop online, just login to your Billfold+ and use your stored payment information and shipping addresses.

Billfold+ isn't just about easier payments. It is also your personal banking all-in-one. Enjoy the convenience of banking anywhere and anytime, on your mobile or digital card. You can easily check your balance and transactions. Who needs to go to the ATM to pay bills? You can simply pay your bills with Billfold+. No more late bill

payments due to laziness or forgetfulness, you can do it right away anywhere and also with reminders to help you.

Billfold+ also keeps things like passes or tickets, coupons and your multiple store cards all in one place. Check your stored balance, expiration dates, ongoing deals and more.

Billfold+ is also smart. It tracks and analyse your spending pattern and offers you relevant deals. You can also monitor your financial health, gain insights on your own spending pattern and find ways to save smartly.

Billfold+ is the future where everything is in one. It is universal; in-store and online. It is your digital wallet stored securely in the cloud, accessible anywhere and anytime.

It is flexible and frictionless, also cashless and cardless.
It is money made simple.



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