Digital Art Director

Snapchat From The Closet

Concept / Art Direction

Singapore is one of the world’s most developed countries but if you’re gay or still just discovering your sexuality, there aren’t many reasons to be proud. The penal code makes gay sex a criminal offence. Schools don’t offer inclusive sexual education. Gay teens are 4 times more prone to depression and suicide attempts.

How do we make it safe for them to get the answers they seek? We do it secretly. And we reach for them where they already are and feel comfortable at: Snapchat. They asked. We answered. And it all disappeared in 3 seconds. Whether they needed simple answers or guidance on how to come out, they knew this was the safest and most confidential advice.

Year: 2016   |   Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore   |   Copywriter: Siti Khalid

Cannes Lions 2016 — Media [ Public Health & Safety ] Silver
Lisbon International Advertising Festival 2016 — Mobile [ Public Service ] Gold
Lisbon International Advertising Festival 2016 — Mobile [ Best Use of Media ] Gold
Singapore Creative Circle Awards 2016 — Mobile [ Innovative Use of Social ] Silver